Tell me more about BLAKE FM®

BLAKE FM® is elevating the format business with superior technology, unprecedented localization, and unparalleled service.


BLAKE FM® delivery technology offers flexibility and usability, putting control back in the hands of local radio stations. Our quality programming combined with advanced technology enhances radio’s ability to compete.  We tie directly into your automation system.  Contact June Colbert for more information (615) 202-5900.


Tell me about Blake FM® Imaging?

We load fresh production into your system every month. We update your already abundant arsenal of exclusive local imaging quarterly.


Your imaging will never be stale.  BLAKE FM® will launch with a plethora of imaging that's effective yet different from anything in your market.  Our work doesn't stop there.


Many syndicated radio formats lift their favorite liners from stations all over the country and throw them in the central computer 'cause, well... they are clever, right? Our BLAKE FM® team has an actual... gasp... imaging strategy.  We're constantly writing and producing audio that will make BLAKE the most beloved Country radio guy in your area.  We'll keep you topical every week, fresh and compelling every month.


Tell me about Blake FM® Music?

BLAKE-FM music cuts through the airwaves.  We take the best new country and combine it with proven hits from the past few years to create an experience that keeps your listeners around longer.


When your listeners push the button for BLAKE-FM, they know what they're getting.


Blake FM® Song tags are included with every song played.  Listeners love this feature!


There's never been a better time to be in the new country business, and BLAKE-FM delivers by playing the right music at the right time.  BLAKE-FM rotations are tight and dialed in.  Music logs are edited meticulously by country radio's best.  Email Kevin Christopher to find out more:  kevin@folgerrmedia.com


What customization do you offer?

BLAKE FM® will be your local brand, not a numbered affiliate.  We'll work with you to relate to the locals. Best of all, you won't have to download or dub in anything.  We also let you send us two pages of local dry pages a month for promos.  Send your customization to:  copy@blakefmnetwork.com and in most cases, it will be voiced and back to you within 72 hours.


Are promotion and marketing ideas are provided?

We know what it's like to be in the trenches because we're still in them.  As an affiliate we will share new cutting edge promotion and marketing ideas with you.  Need promotion or marketing ideas for the station or client?  They're available in the "affiliates" section or give us a call.


Are jocks provided?

BLAKE FM® can perform in stellar fashion without jocks.  Blake's persona cuts through and can win with or without added on air talent.  We prefer the local talent option below.  All options use your automation system.


►  Use your own local talent….. Want to add your air talent?  No problem.  Break times for VT are built into our clocks.  If you want to take complete control... do a full fledged live air shift, because we utilize your automation system, you can move things around.


►  Want to use outside the market talent.  We will provide Voice Tracker recommendations or use your own.  You negotiate the rate.


Do I get Logos?

We provide a complete set of scalable logos.